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BarnMini-06   Optical Changeover Switch

BarnMini-06 Page

The BarnMini series are made of robust materials in an elegant design. BarnMini-06 is an optical changeover switch that is controlled by a GPO signal. BarnMini-05BTF1-41 or 3rd party products may be used to control the switch.

A typical application is to select between two different redudant fiber paths.

Optical ports

• LC/PC connectors
• Operating Wavelength 850-1620nm
• Fiber type: Single Mode
• Insertion Loss <1,2dB
• Wavelength dependant loss <0,3dB
• Polarisation dependant loss 0,05dB
• Crosstalk >35dB
• Return loss >35dB

Optical switch

• Switching time <10ms (typically 4ms)
• Max. switching cycles 10.000

GPI port

• RJ45 connector with 4x GPI wired parallel, non latching

Power Supply

• 12-24V DC, power supply included

Physical Size

• 92mm x 98mm x 22mm

• 200g

Ordering Code:

• BarnMini-06

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